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    Could anyone suggest a simple programm or script code for the average meaning calculation.Say if i buy at 1305 and then add at 1302,so i need the average of these two meanings.So if i add on a several levels,i need the meaning before i start scaling in.So is there any sort of programm(besides a calculator) to calculate it quickly?

    Any help appreciated.Maybe someone already has it for NT?
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  4. Assuming that by "NT" you mean NinjaTrader, then Average Price is already there.

    Go to "Positions Tab".
    One of the data grid columns is "Avg Price".

    NT online manual is here
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    Hi Abattia,

    Yes,"NT" means ninja,and i know that the tab shows an average price.But like I said,I want it to be calculated before I place trades.So I have to do it manually with the calculator so far.Baro provided great example,but it may still take time.(web-based-Internet connection,etc..)