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    Thanks. Very interesting. :)
  2. thanks, my wife asked me last night if i knew adam. now, at least, i know who she is talking about.


  3. Turner, 54, advises us that "I'm a blond, and if I can get it, you can get it."



  4. Adam and his gang used to trade at E*Trade Professional/Tradescape/Momentum Securities. I'm pretty sure he's still there. He used to smash chairs and keyboards every other day whenever he had a bad trade.
  5. LOL!

    After he got rejected, and they turned the cameras
    off, he probably smashed some chairs on the bus. :D



  6. DTK


    Haha... Just turned on Squawk Box... & who do I see....

    Haha. :p
  7. thats right knows no fundamentals makes 5-10c
    and makes 5 times as much as both of these mooks combined

    why are they so ignorant of daytraders and this business?

  8. thats funny
    good old days
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