Average Joe runs a Hedge Fund !

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    Take a look at this Hedge fund. Has 58k under management.


    It seems Hedge funds have made it to mainstream America; only 5 years ago we used to have a image of these secretive hedge funds run by Ph.D. quants, that polished look of John Meriwethers (LTCM fame) in his three thousand dollar suits.

    Pat is clad in a sweat shirt in front of his computer, in what appears to be the basement of his house. He is surrounded by tupperware on the shelves, I wonder what is in the tupperware??

    The logo of his Hedge fund is a teddy bear !

    He does have a great track record trading ES (sp emini) opening ranges, consistently makes money. I wish him well, it is just the image that I find a startling contrast to yesteryears of Hedge funds...
  2. Ya know, that kills me. when you market yourself like he does, you're gonna be lucky to get only family members to invest in something like that.
  3. this site is hillarious
  4. He's obviously an honest guy who's enjoying himself thoroughly, not taking himself way too seriously, and at the same time making some money for folks who ordinarily would not have access to services like his.

    Gotta love that!

  5. "On <B>September 11, 2003</B>, KWBK Futures Trading, Inc. became a registered member of the NFA as a Commodity Trading Advisor and I became a NFA Associate Member/Principal."....

    He couldn't go the day before or after to register?
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    Good for him...and good for his investors.

    We should follow this guy for a few years and see how he does - pretty good so far. This guy is living the American dream.
  7. You have to be careful about stuff like that...there are strict rules about advertising and/or putting out information about hedge funds.
  8. And he is following them to the letter. He even registered as a CTA despite qualifying for exempt status.

  9. I thought all investors had to invest a minimum of $1 million to get into a hedge fund?

  10. This is *very* true. I just attended the NFA "Issues and Answers: 2004" meeting in San Francisco and the NFA is extremely careful abut "advertisements" and even broker "sales pitches". Self- examination checklist were given to us which are very helpful, I must admit it was a very interesting meeting. Also on their radar screen is Anti-money laundering (AML) and they are even trying to formulate FOREX regulations and compliance rules.

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