Average Joe DAY TRADER???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by axeman, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. My girlfriend yelled from the bedroom last night
    while I was in the office programming.

    Ends up... one of the finalists on that show Average Joe
    is a millionaire DAY TRADER on wall st. LOL!

    We watched the rest of the episode.

    The bimbo picks the good looking guy who is a 26 year old student/waiter
    over the accomplished, personable, accomplished day trader with average looks.

    Biiiiiig surprise. NOT! LOL :D

    Ok.... so which one of YOU is ADAM?? LMAO :D


  2. DTK


    I guess Adam was under the assumption that the silly blond girl would act rationally.

    Oh well, at least he gets a little free publicity for both him and his firm.
  3. Pretty pathetic isnt it?

    The model dude was so monotone and BOOOORING.

    Adam was a down to earth, accomplished, driven, funny,
    well adjusted, all around good dude.

    The model guy had NOTHING over him except good looks.

    Obviously....for this bimbo, LOOKS are everything.

    What is so funny is... they had a clip of the model dude saying that
    if the chick picked him, he was confident it wouldn't be
    only because of his looks! LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    They deserve each other. She can move in with him
    at his parents house...LMAOOO... while Adam jet sets around
    the world partying with all the hot money grubbing models
    that will be attacking him after the show. :D

    Just Pathetic.

    Now Average Joe 2 is starting in Hawaii. Hot chicks get
    one more chance to prove they are not as shallow as we
    all know they are :D


  4. DTK


    I never thought of that part of it.
    Kinda sucks. He kept it all hush hush and probably did a decent job of getting chicks to like him for who he was ex-cash.
    Now he's going to have to find a girl who either hates and doesn't watch reality shows or doesn't have a TV if he wants to be sure that she likes him for him.

  5. You guys do know its a "show" and that the choice is not really a choice but a script?
  6. Yep....he is screwed now with the curse of the gold diggers.


  7. Maverick74


    Did any of you guys recognize the daytrading office? I am almost positive that it was the old Spectrum office downtown that got bought out by Schonfeld. I recognized the entrance of the building and the office upstairs. This guy was a schonfeld trader.
  8. Alright ADAM.... which ET alias are ya? :D


  9. dude, i watched that show, too. :)

    by the time it was over, i wanted to bang that chick pretty bad. she reminded me a little of carmen electra.

    i agree, i'm disappointed she didn't pick the trader over the stud. :-/
  10. But you fools are really pathetic!! You all watched that SCRIPTED reality show? The onlt way they could make it interesting was to introduce the average guy as "rich" for the 2 hour special. "Rich" is very broadly defined as it was the bimbo who called him "rich" after seeing he had a day trading job and some stuff about him/his firm in Fortune magazine on the wall.

    The guy is not rich. Thats the bimbo 's perception of him that you believed.

    And for anyone who thought she wasnt picking the good looking one, you are all nuts. Yeah, I can just imagine one of you turds having to choose between average joane and a model. No choice.

    And besides, no one says they're going to go out too long anyway. She wins a trip, and she wants the good looking one. What a surprise!!!
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