Average Hedge Fund Did Worse Last Year Than The S&P

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  1. There must be something said, that is not obvious in the industry. Nowadays every b..lsh.t fund claims to be a "hedge fund".

    There are a lot of funds out there having the risk composition of an ordinary mutual fund. A lot of it is claptrap.

    We need finally an instrument to distinguish high risk, high leverage, skill-based hf´s from mama´s boy funds !!
  2. Wow a billion dollars for running a fund..what a genius
  3. Thank you for your comment. You must be the reincarnation of Albert Einstein.
  4. I didn't know it's big news the SP500 does better than HFs on average? After all it has been like this for like 20 years. Most people don't invest in Hedge Funds to outperform indexes but instead to achieve lower risk, lower volatility "bond like" returns:

  5. You surely don't sound like Einstein.
  6. Lower volatility "bond like" returns ? Oh yeah, now I´m convinced why these investors are paying 2/25 fees for...
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    Exactly. That's because they don't read my journal, on how to outperform the markets in the simplest way if you are a HF manager. :)

    It is in the Journal section with live calls...
  8. Jealousy gets you nowhere. If you think you can do better than the average fund, then get your track record (which I bet is outperforming the SP500 year in year out over 10 years with no down years) audited and get busy raising capital. HEY, ANY MONKEY CAN DO IT AND GET FILTHY RICH RIPPING OFF IDIOT INVESTORS WITH 2/20 SO WHY CAN'T YOU??????????????
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    Hedge funds in general are not designed to beat a bullmarket rally.
    So whats the news?
    Journalists never stop to dissapoint me.
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