average delay execution in relation to futures contract size

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  1. z32000


    can you please post comparisons between execution of a contract with average lag time in relationship to the size of the contract and in which futures (eg. ES, YM, ER2, NQ)?

    an example
    on average

    1 ES contract <1 sec
    10 ES contracts <12 sec


    5 NQ contracts < 3 sec
    20 NQ contracs (between 10-20 sec)
  2. I don't have stats to give.

    Much depends on the velocity (how quickly b/a size changes) and the ferocity (actual volume, aka T&S, not DOM) of trading at the time an order is entered.

    The other aspect is the market. ES has all the liquidity you would ever want. But because of the tic-size (.25), price usually needs to move through your limit to fill. Contrast with YM, less liquidity daily volume-wise, but a tic-size of 1pt. Can't get much more granular than that! Because of the granularity, there is much greater chance of filling at your possibly without price trade through.

    As a rule of thumb, the more granular the tic-size the greater possibility of filling at your price. Keeping in mind the velocity and ferocity in reference to your order size.

    If your wanting info about platform latency, well, Im sorry for the ramble.