Average daily range HO vs RB

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    Hello energy traders,

    I have a little question : What is the most volatile product in terms of average daily range( $ per contract ) between Gasoline and heating oil( NYMEX )?

    I cannot test it myself 'cause TS decided to make us pay for NYMEX even if the datas are delayed...

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Jan RBOB as we speak has a high of $1.0000 and a low of $0.9660

    Jan Heating Oil has a high of $1.4281 and a low of $1.3757
  3. Depend on the season, in autumn/winter, HO tends to be more volatile. In spring/summer, RBOB rocks.

    If you really wants big volatilability, then try Natural Gas on Hurricane Season and you will thrive.
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    Thanks Papa but my post was confusing, I meant daily average range per contract, like for example, RB has an average daily range of 1200 $ per contract per day.

    What is the most volatile for your account when you trade it?
  5. Sorry mate! :)

    If I stick an average true range indicator on my front month RBOB and heating oil daily chart will that be what you're after? What 'lookback period' do you want the average over?
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    one month for front month, please or one year if you have the continuous front month contract.

    Thanks a lot:)
  7. using 365 day lookback
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  8. 365 too.

    They look pretty similar!!!
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    It seems... Thanks a lot.

    That's really wide average range compared to metals, ags... Impressive
  10. welcome. I'm off. Have a good weekend one and all.
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