Average daily profit with $50K account?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fcg007, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Is $300 - $400 a reasonable goal for an account this size?
  2. That amounts to about 200% a year. I cannot say if it is reasonable because anything goes as far as trading. It is though highly unlikely. I would say an order of magnitude less is more likely, $40 average daily profit.

    If you could provide more details about the style of trading, markets traded, etc., maybe you can get better answers.
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    I have a pretty fast car - how many speeding tickets a year on average will I get?

  4. it all about risk per trade but one with a $5k prop account can make $300-$400 a day as well.

    I believe with day trading never risk more then 2%-3% of your account on trade.
  5. Could be. How you going to do it?
  6. You need to outline what it is your trying to do...profit goals, stops,money management strategy, trading period ..etc .

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    For an experienced trader I think its quite reasonable, maybe even conservative. However, for a beginner, no way.
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  9. I think if remove the "daily" then it is easier to do. Then it is an average and allows you to be selective.. a $1200 trade a weeks achieves the goal. A decent swing trade which is relatively easy to find a couple of times a week can also do the trick. The challenge is approaching each day refusing as many trades as possible..

    The daily money pressure will be counterproductive.
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    It is possible if you trade options. 1% a day on invested capital should be your goal.
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