Average daily loss with $50K account?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by seaker, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. seaker


    Is a $300 - $400 daily loss reasonably possible for an account this size?
  2. GTS


    Depends on your trading style - if you've been at this awhile you should be able to lose at least $500 per day average, more on a really good day.
  3. Handle123


    Are you asking how much you can lose in a day trading, or asking what you should use as a limit?

    You can lose all of it in one day, many things can go wrong if you not careful.

    When markets closed cause 9-11, I knew guys who didn't know about early closings of the markets and with a handful of Long ES contracts lost in excess of $20k when markets re-opened a week later from huge gap down. Dow opened 684 lower, airline stocks re-opened $20 bucks a share lower.
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  4. seaker


    Thanks for your reply.... my question was posted in response to another thread where many are discussing how they doubt the possibility of making $300-$400 per day. I am wondering how people view it from the flip side.