Average CEO Compensation for big companies

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  1. Ricter


    Awesome, huh? By 2 or 3 pm on January 2nd they've earned their average underling's yearly pay.
  2. yup, What a life that would be. I'm sure they're overworked but 40K a freaking day???? the beauty of Capitalism :)
  3. Ricter


    Oh yeah, it's brutal hard work, deciding on what you're going to tell other people to do.
  4. well, I have a book about John Chambers and Jack Welch, they work long hours but not necessarily physically tiring work.

    Either way, 42k a year? disgusting.
  5. They are overworked, overtaxed and grossly underpaid but fortunately for this country house republicans have their priorities straight:

    Republicans Considering EMERGENCY Tax Cut for Billionaires
    by Rep Louise Slaughter

    Well the topic Republicans chose for EMERGENCY consideration ... H.R. 5638, the Republican Estate Tax Relief bill, designed to further reduce the estate-tax after the year 2011. Yes, estate-tax reduction, which would benefit less than 1% of the population, was more important to this Republican Leadership than passing a minimum wage increase, extending the voting rights act, or having a real, substantive debate on the war in Iraq.