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  1. I was talking to a guy across the road from me, and he was asking what I did for a living since he hasn't seen me leave to go to work in the past month. LOL. But when I told him, he said that I was kind of young to be doing a job like that. I'm 21 and I thought that most guys on here were around the same age. So my question is what is that average age of a trader here on elite?
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    You should run a poll to see. :) But I'd definitely guess that most traders here are older than you. :)
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  4. 27 here
  5. My bad I see that it has been covered....many times.
  6. Steve stop lying you're not trying to pick up young girls on elite, like you do at GREENROCK I can tell by the balding on the back of your head, the hairs coming out of your ears and nose and the beer belly you are over 42. LOL

    BY the way Im 28
  7. 25 here...
  8. 24
  9. 44
  10. 37 I feel young when I go to Denver Trading Group Meetings, most people are retired.
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