average age in prop firms

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Frenchy, Nov 27, 2005.

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    I wonder because it seems there is only old guy ....
  2. mizer


    From looking around my firm, I would estimate the average age to be around 25 years old
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    Good , i m 25 and when i look on tv report about bright, we only view man about 65 yo with caps :confused:
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    What s your firms Mize, good atmospher ??
  5. rwc3b


    average age 25? what's the median age? excuse my ignorance because i'm really new at this, but is it 25 because most don't last to be a succesful trader?
  6. Young guys don’t have cost of a family for the most part. Some new ones live at home so have no overhead cost. Some work as bartenders or waiters and make 2k a month doing that covers there cost of living. The reason you see old guys at Bright is because they require 25k. They attract 50+ year old guys who were successful in another field or there kids are done with college so they are now technically retired.
  7. i've been to several trading firms and the avg age is 25 to 27. i've seen very few over 30 and almsot none over 40. i'm 42 and trade remote and feel like a grandpa. i've been doing this 15 years full time. the other note listed why so amny are 25. tis becasue they have no families and can live on 2k amonth. to start this profession at 35 and have a wife and 2 kids is suicide for most becasue they're undercapitalized so a few bad months they've eaten there capital away with living expenses and loses . in my oponion after doing this 15 years anyone doing this retail like me at 4-1 margin needs min 100k if not 200k capital to have some breathing room
  8. joeyata1
    well said my friend.in the exact same boat as you ,but grandpa ???give me a break with 3 kids i feels as though im 18 everyday.
  9. lol how about an older brother