Average 6 ES points/day during last 4 months

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  1. Its a pure scalping (non scalable) system. He never holds winners or losses for more than 4 ticks and averages 2 ticks per trade.

    This system is completely non scalable past 50 contracts but even at that level he could make 3 million a year so why the fuk is he trading a 1 lot size on a demo account.

    I doubt he even gets one subscriber at 1500/month.
  2. My profit curve looked just like this when I first started trading futures. I went through a 33% drawdown in 2 months because I didn't fully understand the relationship between risk and reward. This equity curve <b>will</b> take a hit -- it's an absolute given. I think you should jump on board after that. Also, a large part of the gains were generated in one month. That's not a reason to avoid it but it does need to be investigated further. I had a month where I did 127%. It was the month immediately before the 2 months of drawdown. I could still take a 10k account to 35k but it would be at a much slower pace.

  3. Why not 100 or 200 contracts ?
  4. Why are they not reporting drawdown fully? Some are reported, some are not. That's actually the best measure of risk. If these numbers are mild then I take back what I said ealier. Write them and ask them. The drawdowns that they do report of minimal.
  5. Do you ever look into the details?

    If you used C2 autotrading, you would lose $4 more per trade additional, coming out of your $13 average profit.

    You could never be fast enough to make his "profits" Scalping systems are very hard to be a customer of.

    This system has a keep-after-slippage of -30% per trade.

    And an APD of 0.05 (averages $5 per trade profit while experiencing average $100 per trade max Drawdown).

    This system isn't worth 1500 CENTS per month

  6. I am still waiting for details regarding your magic $250K system ...
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    I'm 99.9% sure that if you tried to follow this system with even 1 contract it would be unprofitable even while it was producing great results on C2.

  8. Why ?
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    Most trades are 1-2 mins long, try to follow that with the same fills....
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