Average 401k investor getting raped

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  1. Let's face it, this is worse than anal sex.
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    Yeah, I heard you're quite the expert in the receiving end of that area, so u would know. :D

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Dunno, I always saw the whole pension thing as a scam anyway. You're losing control over your money, don't get upset when you get screwed.
  3. Fair game, I'm secure enough as a heterosexual to take jokes like that :)

    This will do some major damage to the republican brand of free market capitalism, you're watching the death of "the ownership society" live
  4. Personal experience?
  5. Squeal like a pig!

    I can't figure out which is Bernanke and which is Paulson.

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  6. Well I can tell you which one is the average 401k investor, and it ain't the guy with the rotten tooth grin.
  7. If you are employed in a corporate setting where you have a 401k I feel it is always best to get the company match to not pass up free money but don't defer a cent more. You are too limited in investment choices, can be penalized for making too many moves in a month and can make your capital work for you in many other ways. Besides, who knows what the tax situation will be down the line when it comes time to take distributions. If the 401k scheme wasn't good for the funds earing commissions and gov't earning tax revenue 401Ks wouldn't exsist.

    Too many people feel that 401ks and IRAs are the end all be all of retirement planning. They are a part, but not the whole picture.
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    You can ask for a regular brokerage account that link to your 401k