Avenatti The Slayer

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    No wonder Hulk Hogan hired him and then he destroyed Gawker

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    The Washington Free Beacon‘s David Rutz has done an analysis of Avenatti’s cable news appearances––a whopping 108 between March 7th and May 10th––and calculated that he’s gotten “nearly $175 million in free media”:

    To calculate his earned media time, the Free Beacon multiplied the length of his appearances on a program by its “National Publicity Value” determination from media monitoring site TVEyes.com.

    The total came out to $174,631,598.07 from at least 65 CNN appearances and 43 MSNBC appearances. Avenatti’s favorite shows include CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” (at least 20 interviews), MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” (14), CNN’s “New Day” (12), CNN’s “Tonight with Don Lemon” (eight), and MSNBC’s “Deadline White House” (seven).

    No wonder right-wingers are panicking bringing up irrelevant babble from the past.
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    Outtrumping trump....he said so as much in one of his interviews, the media game was big part of the strategy
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  4. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    I love the guy
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    Does this mean you guys are going to have another 48 circle jerk? Like you do every time you think "this is it! Trump is done!"
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    Oooh a statement.

    Case closed, unfortunately he claimed the same thing when he pilfered his employees' tax payments.

    Ms. Clifford is certainly...courageous. Specializing in BBC ATM, gulp.

    Swing and a miss.
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    Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film actress Stormy Daniels, told Morning Joe that at least two other women have credibly told him they signed hush agreements with Donald Trump over extramarital affairs.

    Said Avenatti: “There’s at least two I think that are on solid ground and as the evidence rolls out over the coming months, disclosures are going to be made that my client was not alone as it relates to these payments.”

    Avenatti also confirmed that the payments to the women exceeded the $130,000 paid to his client.
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    This just confirms what everyone knew...

    They are a bunch of gold digging whores.

    They engaged in consensual sex and took money to keep quiet. Then went back on their contract. That's not gonna play well in Peoria.
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