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  1. Anyone have any experience with them? I'm thinking about giving them a look. I walked by their office the other day, they are on the bottom floor so you can look right inside, and there seemed to be a decent amount of traders. Anyone there making money? The office looked pretty nice too, not that it matters. Anyone know if there are any big traders there or is it a bunch of pikers? I will give them a shout, just wanted to know if anyone has positive/negative things to say about them before I meet with them.
  2. Never heard of them.
  3. hitnrun


    your talking about the chicago office , not sure

    nyc is corp & they run a good operation with a solid reputation imo
  4. Yes, I am talking about the Chicago office. I'm just curious as if there are any big traders there and what the atmosphere is. I plan on emailing them this weekend to try to get in to see it. Do they back traders or is it all capital contributions?
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    not sure what the mix of traders in chicago

    the easiest way to do business , stop in & talk to the trading manager or call them
  6. Thanks will do. Since I'd be in an office, is it unreasonable for me to ask for the track records of the traders they sit me next too?
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    your welcome , when you work with traders in the office you will see who makes money

    good luck , report back on how things go
  8. You don't care if they have a nice office?

    Nice office matters a lot.

    I guess you are a beginner, bright eyed and bushy tailed.
  9. Thanks for the input on Avatar man, I really appreciate it!

    I've seen some really sh*tty offices around Chicago, this was a nicer one.

    Again I was looking for information on Avatar. Your comment litterally gave me zero relevant information dickbag.