Avast the best?

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  1. I don't know why but Avast seems to be the best for me these days. I have tried avg,nod 3 and others. Everyone who i recommend avast too thanks me for saving their computer. I have found on 3 computers avast the only anti virus to find things.
  2. Have you tried Avira?
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    I have Avast on my computer...definitely the best in my opinion

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  4. I switched from AVG to Avast about a year ago. Seems to work fine. Definitely less of a resource hog than AVG.

    Heck, it even found some nasties.
  5. can't go wrong w/ avira or avast
  6. It's good. So is Avira (better detection rates).

    Nod32 is without a doubt the best, though.

    I am using it, used all the others, and it's in a separate league.
  7. Avast is awesome. Low on resources and they have nice skins. I'm using it now.

    Used to have Avira installed until I got sick of the lame umbrella icon.
  8. AVG got too bloated; avira has been working great.
  9. kaspersky or nod32 gets me vote.
  10. I've used most of them. The best free one at present seems to be antivir (fast, efficient, detection rate).
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