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    Hi guys. Could you tell me about Avalon FA.
    I use a tiny stop-lose because I am scared by market . Therefore I have to make more transactions. Fees are important for me.
    Avalon FA offer 0.225 for 100 shares + ESN rebates.
    But I don't ênow the firm. If you know something about one could you tell?
  2. Haven't heard the name, and it doesn't matter. Normal checklist

    See balance sheets.

    Be sure they are a broker dealer

    Solid Clearing Firm

    Weekly withdrawals for your money.

    Licenses required of course... prefer S7, but at least S56.

    And go from there.

    All the best,

  3. rvg


    To Bright :D Because only Bright and Echo have all. :D
    Don, I have been studying series 7 yet. English is not my native language, it will take some time.
  4. I totally understand.... and they will give you extra time if you are not a native english speaker.

  5. are you talking about avalon fa the russian group?
  6. rvg


    Is it Russian? I have thought it is one of the many faces Lek Securities,but now I am not sure. I think you are right.
    What's you opinion about them?
  7. lionline


    they clear through lek, not face of it.
    from what i heard very solid.
    but if you are US based - no need for any groups - go direct. (or get licensed and go CBSX prop or bright or something registered and licensed)
  8. lek securities only has one face; it looks like avalon fa is a client of lek. check out the offerings of both and see which one you would prefer. avalon is russian, so if you are russian or speak russian fluently, then maybe it is the right choice for you. avalon is definitely a smaller company than lek, so if you want to be able to get more personal attention, i would suggest avalon.
  9. MBlair


    Anyone considering this "broker", think twice. Stay tuned.
  10. MBlair


    Same applies to Nonko.

    These offshore props with bank accounts in Belize or wherever, total fraud shops.

    Just stay away is all I am going to say.
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