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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Drew07, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Does anyone use avail trading corp for futures or forex? I can't find a lot of info about them on the web. Thanks.

  2. Looks like to no avail....:p
  3. For futures, they are an introducing broker for Open E Cry. Unless you plan on trading forex you should consider OEC.
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    Yeah I'm a big fan of OEC but I dont have 5k to put up, avail has a 2500 minimum and free platform. Seems like the next best thing but I had never heard of it and wanted someones opinion before opening. Thanks.
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    I bet it's nice to know that if trading doesn't work out for you youll always have a career in comedy.....
  6. They are a solid firm with a good reputation in the business. Everything I have heard about Avail has been good. Call and speak with Dave M. directly to get some background on their firm.
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    I spoke with a guy on the phone when I requested a demo, real friendly and helpful. I was just thrown off by the fact that I can't find any reviews or rating anywhere. Maybe just being overcautious.
  8. anyone still with them>?
  9. That is not promising. I predict in 4-6 months, you will have $0K or worse.

    I STRONGLY urge you to consider trading tiny (1 contract of corn, oats, rice or other things at a time, or SPY, shares of stocks,etc. And don't try to scalp illiquid markets - use seasonals or something). You can blow out in 1-2 days with a wad that small.
  10. Jack:-

    I can give you a rate of $5.00 for the indices, $6.00 for the currencies and $12.00 for the other electronic markets. These rates are round turn and include all fees.

    There are no other fees such as:

    -no platform fees

    -no liquidation fees

    -no call in fees

    -no purge list fee

    -no maintenance fee


    wonder if anyone is with them...their platform looks nice
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