Avafx - A decent Broker

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    Start experiencing your FX trading on easy trading platform of AVAFX online trading platform. Started trading with a $100,000 practice account and our world class Customer Support Team will help you along. When you are set for the real thing, you can start on trading with a minimum of $100. Avafx is having an online trading platform which has nice downloading speed plus having other trading features as well. It is a broker in multiple languages and multiple facilities too, which helps the clients to trade their account online with ease and without confusion. Multiple features seen in other brokers too but AVAFX is providing it with some extra features they are like. They have fixed deposit some trading tools, which are advanced. It is also providing Dozens of currency pairs as well as metals for trading. If we talk regarding analysis they are providing Exclusive Institutional Analysis Daily and having 24 hour trading support as well. Apart of this additional facilities are like immediate credit card, Pay pal or Web Money trading, begin trading with minimum deposit of $100 plus 200:1leverage, No fees no Commission and Withdrawal instantly through Debit Card of Ava. Avafx is good because they always present some thing interesting for the clients some days ago they introduce ava autotrader and now this additional money scheme in this a simple code AVAQZ12 does the trick. it gives you the bonus of $100 for depositing just $200 into the account. Isn't interesting!
  2. good commercial