Ava Fx

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  1. AVA FX cancelled 186,929.00 Euros of my profits !!!

    They say the reason is arbitrage and price manipulation. When you start to earn money they will cancel your trades and profits.

    Ava Fx introduced dividend adjustment and applied it on my short positions taken CFD's Equities.

    They introduced dividend adjustments (debit on short positions/credit on long positions) on November 2011 but they applied on short positions closed in the past.

    The strange thing is that ava fx debited the dividends on short positions, but did not credit dividends on long positions!

    ALL AVA FX CUSTOMERS, CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT AND LONG POSITIONS ON CFD EQUITIES!!! Contact me if they did not adjusted crediting the dividend on your long positions. (I joined a big class action with an International legal Firm against ava fx)

    You can read all details of my negative experience with Ava Fx here http://mycfd.blogspot.it/