AV - One of the Top 100 stock this year

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gary_McLaughlin, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. is ready to break out.
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  2. Reports 7/24 after the bell.
  3. I thought you were posting to one thread only?

    I wouldn't want to be long AV going into that number FWIW.

    How about your thoughts on CLZR, been on a ramp all year but it seems like a mutual fund has been buying it up lately. Lot of big blocks monday and Tuesday before cooling off today.



    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your contributions on ET. Just using simple TA, I think this AV is going to run into a ton of "serious" resistance from 2001 and 2002. Many traders don't use the weekly, but the people in this resistance zone have had no other use for AV, except to use it as wallpaper. As AV comes into the $9 zone it's going to get pounded with some heavy selling pressure. One of the reasons the US had such a hard time at the Normandy landing, because the enemy was crouched up on a cliff with their rifles pointing downward. I don't know why, but this AV play reminds me of that. Not saying it won't worl, "I'm just looking to the left."
    Thanks again.
  5. I agree with your resistance issue. Thing is, previous buyers tend to give up on a stock if too much time goes by. So there is definitely resistance is the $9 area but I believe it is less significant because it is about 18 months old. Anything over 2 yrs and I almost disregard it.

    I'm still going to post on one link. I just thought I'd highlight this one because it really stood out.

    I'd like this stock even more if we got a slight pull back before it tackled 8 bucks.


    If someone took a few thousand dollars from me a few years ago, I'd remember it. I hope AV works out. Be well.