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  1. manz66


    EA autotrading live result for last ten days. Cannot give more information, because it will reveal the secret. :D

    Gross Profit: 1 242.77 Gross Loss: 945.36 Total Net Profit: 297.41
    Profit Factor: 1.31 Expected Payoff: 7.63
    Absolute Drawdown: 105.30 Maximal Drawdown (%): 157.46 (4.4%)

    Total Trades: 39 Short Positions (won %): 20 (55.00%) Long Positions (won %): 19 (36.84%)
    Profit Trades (% of total): 18 (46.15%) Loss trades (% of total): 21 (53.85%)
    Largest profit trade: 262.50 loss trade: -175.00
    Average profit trade: 69.04 loss trade: -45.02
    Maximum consecutive wins ($): 4 (122.56) consecutive losses ($): 5 (-437.50)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count): 402.71 (2) consecutive loss (count): -437.50 (5)
    Average consecutive wins: 2 consecutive losses: 2
  2. 39 trades over 10 days in completely meaningless... you are wasting bandwidth.

    Please go to your local community college and take stats 101.

    Make 10,000 real money trades over 6 months...
    And have Audited Financials done by an independent auditor...
    If you want to be taken seriously by anyone serious.


    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  3. manz66


    It is not for you or other strangers here to look at and make snide remarks. I do not need attention from assholes which are many here in ET, and it is not for sale.

    I posted it for some of my friends all over the world as a show piece. So, I do not have to email them all, just give the link here.

  4. maxpi


    You can set up your own group at Yahoo and do that and you will never hear from anybody from ET, and people from ET will never hear from you as well. We will all be a little better off.
  5. bitrend


    What secret? Secret for success or failure?

    He will hate me...:eek: I promised to myself for not over posted with meaningless posts but I can't stop it and it likes my first 6 months trading I was just can't resist to over trading! Thanks a lot for your comprehension and toleration.