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    Hello Everyone!

    After reading threads for hours, I have accumulated a lot of great info. However, I haven’t been able to reconcile all of it into a clear way to help with what I need. Hence, I need some advice from people more informed than I.

    I am searching for a platform that will autotrade a FOREX account. I use Amibroker and have a mathematical system developed. However, I’m not clear on what the best group of brokers/platforms to look into. I talked with Tradestation, and they informed me that late this year, they will have the ability for a trader to have a FOREX account that autotrades your own rules. But as of now, they don’t have the ability to autotrade FOREX (they can autotrade stocks and futures.)

    I realize that even though I have an Amibroker system developed, other platforms may require me to take that system and re-write the rules using a different code.

    I think I just need a list of brokers/platforms that can accommodate what I need. Anyone have suggestions as to what I should look into?

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    Metatrader 4 with
    language is kinda like c++. Allow for requotes though.
  3. Neoticker [( (no affiliation other than a happy customer)] has that capability. I use the free data feed from MB that they provide to customers. YMMV
  4. i would venture that "autotrading forex" via ANY retail dealer would be an exercise in futility. the extreme instant moves by the dealers would quickly quash any edge an auto system may have. of course this is my opinion only, perhaps i am missing something....

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    Totally agree.

    Discretionary trading is the way to go for all markets in my view, trading is an art form. I'm sure all the math people would say autotrading as its advantages in staying discipline and emotionally detached.

    With forex set your max leverage to 20:1 for intraday and 10:1 for swing trading and you should be fine if you have a gameplan for entries and exits.
  6. I agree as well. I use autotrading for live testing on NT's trade simulator in realtime. I'm confident it would work if deployed live but I've always ended up improving my live testing results by triggering my own entries and exits. I also allow my auto trading program to generate and alert E/E signals without sending them to my broker so I maintain control at all times.
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    Can you folks further explain why autotrading forex doesn't seem like it would work? I don't understand why it is any different than other markets. Its liquidity seems like it would be ripe for choosing low spread like EURUSD and autotrading a good scalper strategy.

    Sorry, I'm really suffering from Noobie-itis...

    Thanks very much...
  8. I think what marketsurfer was emphasizing, was the RETAIL side of the business in the Wild West of Forex.

  9. My experience of API trading with Oanda so far so good.
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