Autotrading for the unexperienced programmer

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by bertoldo, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Hi this is my first post here. I need advice because I started trading in 2006 part time and after several studies, backtesting and forward testing I found a simple system that works for me. But I need to run it continuosly and the only way is to code it because I cannot stay at the monitor full time. I've not a great programming experience, so automated platform like JBookTrader (uses Java) or OpenQuant (uses C++) are too difficult for me. Is there a trading platform that allows automated trading (I have an IB account) that allows the user to write his own strategy without great programming experience? I do not mind to pay for it as long as it it easy to work with.
    I will be very thankful if anybody can post suggestion here!
  2. You can maybe use EAs (expert advisors). They are little bits of code, but are usually simple. It works with MetaTrader afaik. Best thing is it has a wizard for building it without coding, and also there's an EA builder of some sort. Have a look:

    You will probably not be able to do _exactly_ what you want without coding, but maybe you can try. If you want to not be stuck to a screen all the time, the least price you can pay is learn the basics (or more) of coding.
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    I would recommend TradeLink. They have some videos to get you started.
  4. There are more than one 'tradelink' out there: could you please provide a link, please?
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    honestly... if you can't sort that out you can't program, or operate an environment with wizards or anything...

    Take some classes..
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    Thanks to everybody... I had a look to the suggestions you gave but the main hurdle here is that without some basics of object oriented programming I will go nowhere. Hope it will be worth the effort. Is Java a good starting point or should I focus on a particular IDE?
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    I'm not too sure whether the software works well or not but I'm self taught and I programmed in the NinjaTrader environment. Their documentation is so very clear and they provide working examples of every bit of the code that you will use. They are about the only one that has documentation that is that crisp.
  8. i met these guys at who automated my strategy to work with my account at speedtrader using their das trader pro platform. it was very affordable, you should try to contact them, i think their rate depends on what platform you want to work with, but i'm not sure.