AutoTrader's last update Dec 2009?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by corbel, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. corbel



    I've been researching autotrading, and came accross a lot of posts that said "I used to swear by autotrader, but it's no longer available".

    I checked autotrader's site ( ) and the last update was just a few months ago.

    Does this mean that autotrader is up and running again? Anyone using it?

    Also a side note, I want to thank everyone, as my experience on this site/forum is a lot better than other forums, regardless of topic, as everyone seems to be very helpful and non-flaming. I get to leave my flame suit at home!
  2. edbar


    I don't use autotrader, but I do use other fully robotic stock trading software, and can say that it is not necessary for a software provider to put out a new release every month.

    Too many updates can also be problemsome. I prefer to only receive product updates when major functionality is added.

  3. corbel


    Oh I totally agree with you. I was more trying to figure out if people were still using it, or if anyone had resumed using it since it came back--since every post I saw stated they no longer used it because it hadn't been updated since like...2004 or something.

    If anyone is currently using it, please let me know!