AutoTrader 1.23 is now available

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by autotrader, May 10, 2004.

  1. Changes to 1.23:
    * SierraChart 46 is now required in order to use playback. Playback to Sierra now uses the new 2 second bar data storage format in order to display tick charts more accurately.
    * Financial Advisor accounts can now select an allocation profile that you defined in TWS on how the order quantity is going to be allocated.
    * You can now specify how long your Position Entry order will be active. Specify the minutes and seconds you want the order to be active, and if not filled during that time, the order will be cancelled.
    * Investor RT Software version 7.2 Rev 1 release now allows for Automatic trading your TWS account by submitting orders via the Http interface of AutoTrader.
    * If you are familiar with scripting language of ESignal and Ensign, you should be able to submit orders to your TWS account via the Http interface of AutoTrader, since both ESignal and Ensign scripting langauge both support http objects.

    visit to download the latest version.