AutoTrader 1.18 beta is now available

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  1. Go to for more info.

    New features added includes:
    * Fault Tolerance. Program state is persisted to a SQL database, so program will resume previous state between program starts.

    * Trading performance tracking. Import all your monthly statements and the daily statements for the current month and see how well you are trading.

    * User selectable program skin. Change the program look and feel to one of four choices.

    * Native stop orders on Globex.

    * Hotkeys galore, assign your commands to 48 hotkeys.

    * QuoteTracker charting program symbol link. When you switch the symbol in AutoTrader, the chart displayed in QT will also switch.

  2. I'm using the 1.18a after adding and saving new contracts, when I press "ok", it gives the error: "You must enter your Account Number".

  3. So why don't you just enter that number?
  4. when an order is created, a new record is added to the database, keyed by the account number. So each time you connect AutoTrader to a different TWS account, you will need to enter the corresponding account number in the preferences first before connecting.

    So when you restart AutoTrader at a later time, it will only retrieve the orders for the account specified in the preference.

    If you entered an account number that does not match the actual TWS account you are connected to, your first transaction will have the wrong account number and you will end up with a transaction mismatch (the program can't match the open and close transactions).

    To simplify your setup, I suggest you have one setup for your live trade (with your TWS account number), and another setup to be used for simulated trading only.

  5. To tell you the truth, I feel really uncomfortable punching in my account number into any 3rd party software. By what you say, I understand it can actually be any number I choose, as long as I use continuously the same number for all my "live" transactions. Is that true?

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    Anybody know what happened to AutoTrader? Did the URL change?
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  8. Since I upgraded to 1.21a the Preference window does not open. When I click File --> Preferences, simply nothing happens.

    Any ideas?

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  9. Hi,

    I am looking for Jerry Sy, I want to pay his susbscrption/donation but i need to know if it works for Forex. May be you know what I would like to know about Autotrader.
    First of all, Can I use Autotrader for forex?
    I tested autotrader placing market orders (with offset
    exits) for forex (GBP/USD). I placed a 0.0010 (ten
    pips target)in the offset dialog and when the
    market order was executed the offset function showed me an error and the target was not placed at IB TWS.
    Is that possible with Autotrader?

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