AutoTrader 1.14c is now available

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by autotrader, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. Latest News 03/27/03

    Version 1.14c is now available. New feature added is the ability to cancel a selected open order on the Order Status Panel. Also, profit for all closed positions is now displayed. Read the release notes and download the program.

    A couple weeks back, I mentioned Woodie's CCI trading club for those who were asking me about ES trading strategies. Well, my trial copy of hotcomm software has finally expired, so I am looking for someone who is willing to sponsor me a one year (or even a three months for $29.95) license to hotcomm. The cost is $99.95. Thanks in advance.

    To join the club, install hotcomm software from, then connect to relay:woodiescciclub.

    Release Notes

    * New features for 1.14c. Added a Cancel Selected Order button at the bottom of the Order Status Panel. Previously, if you entered multiple orders, you are not able to cancel individual orders, now you can select the Open Entry order you want to cancel, then click the Cancel Selected Order button.

    * Total profit is now calculated. Total profit for all closed trades are calculated and displayed at the bottom of the Order Status Panel.

    * Bug fixes for 1.14c. When you click the reverse button, the entry price is reset to the fill price of the reverse order, so the profit is calculated from that price from there on.

    * Fixed problem in order reversal causing invalid order id = 0.

    * Fixed simulator to cancel OCA orders properly.

    * Fixed email button. It now works in Windows 2000 running Outlook.

    * Clear the limit and aux price box values when you switch to a different symbol.

  2. I just sent you $30 by paypal to sponser you for another 3 months of Woodie's club. Good luck with adding the speed control to your Autotrader!
  3. thank you for your support.