AutoTrader 1.14 beta is now available

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  1. Release Notes for 1.14 beta version

    * New features. Ability to add to existing position using One Click or Classic mode. Note that Profit is calculated based on the Average fill price of all entry orders, while Target price is calculated as an offset from the Initial entry price.

    * Classic Order entry mode now supports stop limit orders. You can also specify the order to be OCA. The OCA label used is ATE (for AutoTrader Entry). The target and stop orders are always an OCA pair with an OCA label of ATX (for AutoTrader Exit).

    * Breakout Entry. Specify the buy and sell price (and a limit price if you want), and a stop buy and stop sell order are placed. Once a breakout order is submitted, you cannot add new orders until the order is filled or you cancel the orders.

    * If you move the mouse cursor to the Trade Rate box, it now displays the last 10 values.

    * Some cosmetic changes to the toolbar buttons.

    * The order status now displays all your orders with the latest status and timestamp. The lines are color coded, blue = order is filled, red = order is cancelled, yellow = order is presubmitted, and green = order is submitted and currently active. What you want to look for are green and yellow lines for current active orders.

    * Bug fixes. Switching symbols while data collection is on will now prompt if you wish to continue or not, if you continue to switch to a new symbol, the data collection is terminated and the file is closed.

    * Force AutoTrail increment value minimum to be the tick size. This will prevent newly opened position to close immediately because of invalid value in trail increment

    * Adding or Modifying Contract data before required a connection to TWS. This is not needed anymore. If AutoTrader is not connected to TWS, then the tick size value is not validated against the exchange if AutoTrader is not connected to TWS.

  2. I've checked out a number of trading simulators and even made my own simulator but in my opinion there's nothing out there that's as good as your Autotrader. I really like the ability to record and playback data. I would urge anyone here on Elite Trader to try out this software. I'm not associated with Autotrader in any way but I think he deserves some pay pal contributions for sharing his efforts with us.

    I remember you said that you were going to add a speed control for your playback feature? This feature would make Autotrader extremely useful. It would be great to be able to practice a whole trading day in just an hour or so. Are you still working on the speed control? Can we expect to see this soon? My budget for trading software is very limited right now until I become profitible but if you were able to make this feature I'm sure I could justify making my own paypal contribution to you.
  3. Latest News 03/25/03

    If you downloaded beta version 1.14, please download the new 1.14a. This version works in live mode properly. Read the release note for more details.

    Relese Notes for 1.14a

    * Bug fixes. Fixed an order updating bug when you add to an existing position.
    * Fixed Reverse button bug.
    * Fixed button enable/disable logic.

  4. I can get A-T to connect to IB but it can't pull any quotes. I get an error message in message box. :confused:
  5. please read the documentation in AutoTrader website, you can probably find the answer to your question there. if not, email me your log file.
  6. Thanks Jerry from Autotrader and thanks to Sierrachart for getting together to make the playback speed adjustment. I would urge everyone to take a look at this setup.

    This is a great way for anyone to learn improve their intraday trading skills. I think it's even better than the playback for Ensign software.

    You can use a number of different sources for the trading playback but I found what worked best for me was to record your own files with autotrader.
  7. I agree with sam.... JERRY SY......hip hip hooray... deserves much praise for constantly adjuxting and tweaking autotrader so that this great product keeps getting GREATER!!!... thanks jerry
  8. Yes, thanks Jerry, you keep making some great improvements to your product, especially with the recent changes to your playback. I've sent you a couple of donations so far and you seem to remember that. You've responded to every note I sent and implemented some of the changes I suggested. You've also made a lot of other great improvements that I haven't even thought of.

    I've started to use Sierrachart with it like you suggest and that works great as well!

    I hope you continue do well with your product!
  9. For those looking to download AutoTrader, the new link is

    The old link (which is just a redirector to the above link) has not been working for a couple months now.