AutoTrader 1.13b is now available

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by autotrader, Mar 12, 2003.

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    Latest News 03/12/03

    Version 1.13b is out with minor bug fixes. Mainly to close the zip file on program exit so the collected data will not get corrupted. Also added a safety feature for the data playback, data is now played back only if the requested symbol is ATPB (stands for AutoTrader PlayBack, there is no such symbol yet in Nasdaq), MSFT or IBM (the last two are there so it will work with Sierra Chart trial). This way, the playback data will not interfere with your chart data. So even though your collected data is for ES, when you start playback, you need to open a chart using one of those three symbols in order for playback to start. Also tweaked the window sizing a little bit and Window Always On Top now also applies to undocked panels.