AutoTrader 1.13 is now available - with new features

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by autotrader, Mar 6, 2003.

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    What's New With Version 1.13

    * TWS Server proxy in Simulation playback mode. You now have the option to make AutoTrader work as a TWS API server when you playback your collected data. You can then start your Quotetracker or SierraChart charting software, and it will connect to AutoTrader and start receiving the tick data. The client programs would not even know the difference that they are connected to AutoTrader and not TWS. Practice your strategy and trades in the ultimate simulation package available using IB TWS.

    * In TWS Server proxy mode, the very first reqMktData command is the only one that will be served, all the other commands are simply ignored. So for example, if you use SierraChart in trial mode, it will allow you to use IBM or MSFT symbol, just use any one of these, and start charting the data you are playing back.

    * Panel sections in AutoTrader can now be undocked and docked. Access this new feature from the View menu. All the window size and location are remembered when you exit AutoTrader. Note that because of this additional feature, the file has become too big to maintain, so I am creating a new AT.prefs file to store all the preferences and contract symbols. So you will need to enter you contract info again with this version.

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  2. Your new playback feature sounds great! We're going on vacation tomorrow but strange enough I'll actually be looking forward to the end of it. Then I can get back home and try your playback! I wish you great success with your program. Will you also make a feature that allows you to speed up the playback?
  3. added sample data collected from today. download and try it and see if you can catch the 10 point spike in the morning when the bin laden news broke out. data is provided for simulation and training purposes only.