AutoTrader 1.12 is now available

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  1. Please visit to get the latest version.

    What's New With Version 1.12

    * Trading Simulation feature now available. By selecting the "Simulation mode" in preferences, any orders placed will not be submitted to IB, but will be tracked as a simulated live order in the AutoTrader program.

    * Frustrated from using the TWS demo system ? Now you can save and playback tick market data for trading simulation in AutoTrader. Simulate using live market data during trading hours, and use collected market data for simulation during off trading hours. AutoTrader is the first to use mousewheel support, and is now the first to introduce market data playback for trading simulation.

    * AutoTrader now uses the industry standard log4j libraries for logging messages. If you are familiar with log4j, you can modify the file to customize the log messages printed out according to your needs. There are also many third party programs available to process log4j messages. Visit if you want to learn more about it.

    * The file naming convention for the log file has changed as a result of using log4j. The current day's log is always logged to a file called AT.log. At the end of each day, the log file will be renamed to AT.log.MM-DD-YY.log, and the AT.log will contain messages for the new day.

    * A new feature, as a result of using log4j, is logging debug messages to file. If you select from the menu File/Debug Msg to Log, then additional debugging messages will be printed to the log files that you can send to me when you report any bugs. This will help me troubleshoot any problem you are reporting.

    * Uses TWS client API version 7.0.1. The program now displays Account information, Trade Executions, Open Orders (only orders originated from AutoTrader will display), and Positions are now displayed.

    * Added IDEM exchange so our Italian traders can use the program.

    * Changed the Contract year selection choices to 2003 to 2009.

    * Fixed window resizing layout. This resulted in the main window increasing in length a little bit, but window resizing now works better as the program uses the Java dynamic layout feature.

    Please consider making a donation if you find the program useful. Thank you for your support.