AutoTrader 1.10 now supports Wheel Mouse !

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by autotrader, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. babe714


    I was able to download autotrader to my desktop , but can't seem to get it installed . It does'nt appear in my list of programs . Any suggestions ?
  2. babe714,

    after downloading, go to the location where you saved it, and then double click it. AutoTrader program was designed to be self contained, it does not mess around with the Windows Registry, or put any kind of stuff in System folder or any short cuts in the program menu.

    note that TWS is required in order to use AutoTrader program, and if you can get IB TWS running on your system, then you got everything you need for AutoTrader to run, just simply double click it. I also recommend reading the documentation at the AutoTrader website

  3. Spark


    u have done so much research on IB's TWS, actually IB should hire you officially. I also tried to install the autotrader but seems to not working somehow. Probably needs some programming which I am not good for that. It would be good, if there r some step by step procedure where i can just go on clicking to install your software once I complete downloading.
  4. Spark,

    I will be working on improving the program and updating the documentation next week.

    You probably encountered this problem because right after download, you clicked on the "open" button from the browser download window. This will not work. You need to go to the location of the AutoTrader.jar file in explorer, and then double click it, that's it.

  5. Spark


    Thanks a lot for your generous program. Finally I figured out how to install the autotrader in TWS. What I did was I saved the downloaded file in my desired location, and clicked on the open folder after the download is complete, then double click on autotrader. That opened the autotrader. But to link the quotes n stuff, I had to enable ActiveX in the settings in my TWS. Hope it seems to work but will try when mkt opens tomorrow.

    By the way, the live charts link which is i guess from, what are the symbols for eminis there? I tried for ES and NQ but does not work.


  6. Spark



    When you develop future versions of autotrader, would it be possible to include the market depth in it? Just an idea, but may be lot of work for you.
  7. Spark,

    symbol for Emini Sept 2002 is ES02U, it is free realtime chart.
    TWS API does not provide market depth data, only level 1 quote.

  8. babe714


    Double clicked on autotrader and it opened up . I tried clicking on the other 2 files that accompany it and could'nt get them to open .It keeps saying ( there was an error opening this file , file does not begin with %PDF). think its trying to use an acrobat reader to open it , could that be the problem ?
  9. babe714

    please, please read the documentation section in the autotrader website. The instructions only say to double click the AutoTrader.jar file, and it generates several files based on the options you select, the generated files are ATDLL.dll,, AutoTrader.symbols, AT08-25-02.log. Don't bother double clicking any of these other files.

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