AutoTrader 1.09 is now available

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  1. Hello,

    I just updated AutoTrader to 1.09. go to to get the new version.

    What is AutoTrader ?
    AutoTrader is a java based program that uses the TWS API from Interactive Brokers to perform quick Order Entry to open a new position and automatically enters a Stop Market order and a Target Limit order.

    Check out the website at to get the full release notes and to download the program.

    Whats New With Version 1.09

    Jave 1.4 is now required. In order to support new features now and in the future, I need to use J2SE 1.4. Please upgrade your Java runtime program to 1.4 if you have not yet done so.

    AutoTrader now supports unlimited number of symbols. Note that users of previous versions will lose all their contract settings when they upgrade to this version. My apologies for the inconvenience.

    You can add, modify, delete Contract information from the Preferences window. To modify, change the values of the contract and click Save button. To create a new Contract, click the New button, enter the values, then click the Save button. To delete the current contract displayed, click the Delete button.

    Fixed window maximize/restore problem.

    Fixed Scale Out feature problem, it now works again.

    Stop Trigger radio buttons are now diabled when Position Exit orders are active to avoid confusion.

    Qty and Scale Out Qty are now stored per contract also. Default Qty in Preferences window is now used as the minimum quantity and the quantity increment in the Qty popup list.

    Fixed icon size so they are now all the same size.

    Please email me for any comments, bug reports, etc. Please donate, I need some support.

    Thanks for using AutoTrader

  2. For information, this software is free so I won't kill this post...
  3. Hello AutoTrader Users,

    I update the file to version 1.09b to fix a couple of problems. The ATDLL.dll was not included in the 1.09 jar file (I was wondering why the file was so small :D ), and fixed the popup list problem on stop and limit order entry fields in classic mode.

    Please download it again if you got a version prior to 1.09b.