AutoTrader 1.08 is now available

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  1. Hello,

    I just updated AutoTrader to 1.08. go to to get the new version.

    AutoTrader is a java based program that uses the TWS API from Interactive Brokers to perform quick Order Entry to open a new position and automatically enters a Stop Market order and a Target Limit order.

    Whats New With Version 1.08

    SmartTrack is now available! Buy on Bid, Buy at Ask, Sell on Bid, Sell at Ask limit orders are now tracked automatically. This feature can be turned on or off "on the fly" while the order is active. This feature is most useful for Buy on Bid or Sell at Ask orders where the "spread" is usually larger than the tick size. For Buy on Bid, if the Ask Price ticks down, SmartTrack will automatically move down the bid price one tick. Not only that, if the Bid Size is the same as your Order size, it will move the bid price down one tick. If the bid price ticks up, SmartTrack will update the limit order to move up one tick. You are almost guaranteed the best fill price at that moment it filled. Usual disclaimer applies during fast and volatile market.

    Manual tracking button is enabled if SmartTrack checkbox is not selected. So if you do a Buy on Bid, and bid price starts moving up, but you decide you want to update the order to match the new bid price, just click the "Update" button and the order is updated.

    Of course you do not want to track the bid/ask price autoatically forever, so you specify the number of ticks you want to track the bid/ask price. For example, if you specify 10 ticks, that means on initial limit buy on bid at 900, if the bid price moves up to 902.75, SmartTrack will cancel the position entry order since it went beyond 10 ticks from the initial order price. To track an order beyond 10 ticks, you have to track it manually.

    You can now specify any number on the Trail Increment. A lot of people requested to remove the limit, now you got it.

    Reverse position button can be disabled from the Preferences window.

    Qty popup list now increments in the amount of the default Qty.

    Target Offset, Stop Offset and Trail Increment are now tied to the Contract information.

    Many new features and bug fixes since version 1.04. Go to to get the full release notes.

    Please email me for any comments, bug reports, etc. And don't be too bashful to click on the donate button if you like the program. :)

  2. babe714


    i typically enter long positions with Buy stop limit orders and short positions with sell stop limit orders. (swingtrading). Then I set a sell stop or buy stop for protection in case the trade goes against me .Also a limit exit at a predetermeined target if the trade goes in my favor . Would autotrader let me do this automatically ? Is this program used with the IB browser version of TWS. Will it work in premarket ?
  3. Magna

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    I notice at the bottom of your Home page you have "Download v1.07" although you list the new features in v1.08.
  4. Hello Babe714,

    Right now it only support stop market orders for position entry.
    It will automatically transmit a stop market order and a target limit order for position close.

    I will be supporting stop limit position entry in the future.

    The program works anytime TWS is working. TWS is required to be logged in and running to use AutoTrader.

  5. babe714


    I will be supporting stop limit position entry in the future.

    Kewl , stop limits for entry would be a godsend to me , because i can't always watch the market in the early morning. Thanks for making this available to us .
  6. Rigel


    Neat stuff.
  7. I think Autotrader is a great program.

    It would become even better by adding two buttons to increase the stop or target manually. I know that this can be done by typing in a new number, but i think it would be safer and faster to have a button to do so. A variable increment would be great.


  8. Captain Future,

    you can right click on the stop and target offset field and a popup list of choices will come up, you don't have to type in the number.

    thanks for using autotrader