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    Darkhorse started a very good thread about the impact of automation on the economy. It's an interesting topic, and perhaps we can spark a discussion with this article about robots patrolling malls.

    The post Darkhorse started included mention of ATMs, automatic checkout lines at grocery stores, pay at the pump at gas stations and a test kiosk at a fast food place that took your order and money.

    This is a continuation of the Industrial Revolution, which started about 200 years ago. Boring, repetitive tasks practically beg for automation. What future tasks to you see being automated?
  2. Transportation & Driving - if mapquest can tell you where to go, why can't a computer-controlled taxi take you there, particularly if all other vehicles on the road are computer controlled. Safer too- everyone always goes the speed limit, and you are guaranteed of getting there the fastest way possible. No-brainer.
  3. sounds to me like a Subway station??