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    Do any of the tools that work with IB allow you to have trades set to be executed at certain times, when your not there, or allow you to have one trade made, before submiting the next. Or anything along those lines?
  2. Your question is very vague. I think all of the IB front ends can place a trade after one is complete. If you are looking to automate based on time, there are several ways you can accomplish this. You can have your charting application generate trade signals. You can check out this documentation section to see how it works for NinjaTrader:

    Another option is to use something like MS-Scheduler and have it scheduled to generate a text file with order instructions for NinjaTrader at user defined times.
  3. With software like Macro Express, you can have specific preset instructions ready to be carried out at any time you desire.

    And these instructions can be used with an order entry system such as NinjaTrader or Futures-Trader.

  4. I've just started looking into Tradebolt to automate TS into IB.

    One concern, if anyone knows, does Tradebolt send your trades somewhere over the internet besides locally to TWS? ie, will someone be logging and watching my trades?