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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by vanilla2, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. are there any factors that can affect the profitability of an automated system that makes about 10 futures trades a day besides slippage? if the system looks great in backtesting and it's not optimized in any way (only one input), what else should i be concerned with?



    Focus on your plan. Spend less time studying statistics, and spend more time taking their money.

  3. thanks! if only it would be that easy. i am fairly certain i'm on to something. i traded it today to compare real fills against the backtested ones, and they netted better actually. is it really that simple?

    to anyone who automates TS through IB, is tradebolt my best option?
  4. Also check
    Good luck with your system.
    Dynaorder has a paper trading function not in TradeBolt.

    I would paper trade your system for several weeks, then put the $ on the line if it proves successful.