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    If you have a visual strategy, but do to your emotions have a hard time making money with it, how do I turn it into a mechanical system that will auto-trade for me on the ES futures?

    I can see the market get close to my modified fib entry points, and then place a limit order so that if it gets hit I will be in the trade, and of course set stops and limits, but I would like this to be automated, so that my emotions will not get in my way of pulling me out of a profitable trade or keep me in a losing trade.

    I have the fib setup in trade station, are there any master traders that are able to make it more automated?
  2. WTF is going on here? Every thread I post on get wiped out. Is this place a freaking joke or what?

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    Visual pizzual .. what are trying to say Oraclewizard? Are you an oracle? Are you a wizard? No way.
    A visual strategy? Please get a grip on the market and learn to know it intimately before you try anything. What, autotrade some visual horsesh*t? Deary me.
    Emotions? Short answer, how can you be suited to trading?

  5. Let me add this:

    To those who 'believe' possessing some kind of strategy in their heads, be it 'visual' or other:
    Having been humbled countless times by the computers I talked to, I am absolutely convinced that what you haven't yet managed to translate into a programmed algorithm is merely vaporware.

    Perhaps difficult to admit for non-programmers, but intense contact with computers is perhaps the best way to get convinced about the frailty and absolute lack of rigor of typical human thought.

  6. Agree, that's why I surf ET a lot. :)
  7. Helps also (a bit).
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    A pro is examing my tradestation code and is going to determine if the signals can create automatic trades.

    As for the person who asked if I am suited to trading. I don't know. I once made $ 200,000 from $ 20,000 before giving back $ 50,000 on an old system for stocks that no longer really works in the current maket environment.

    The new systems I am testing are futures only. I don't know if I am suited for daytrading since my old systems works more on month trading. I guess I will not know for awhile, but I think a mechanical system would work better for me rather than watching charts all day long.

    --- oraclewizard :)
  9. A pro ...

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  10. you'll likely find if you test on a large list of stock symbols, ETF's, etc, that the ES is among the HARDEST to trade mechanically. It is what i would term super efficient. Almost all the commercially available systems that trade it intraday or swing trade it use some type of reversion to the mean strategy.

    It sounds like your strategy is as well? (fib entry points...i'm assuming you buy/short on pullbacks from some area).

    Anyway my point mainly being if your strategy doesn't work for ES and does lend itself to automation try it out on more obscure but still liquid symbols. Everyone is trading ES and that makes the price action a near random walk from what i have seen/tested.

    good luck, most visible chart based strategies are very hard to automate, they seem to be black and white but those shades of grey are more prevalent that people realize.
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