Automation of moving average based strategy

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    I would like to automate very basic 200 day moving average based strategy on SPY ETF.

    This strategy is long SPY when the price crosses above the 200 day simple moving average and hold cash when the SPY crosses below the 200 day simple moving average.

    Is there any broker out there or any software application that will let me implement this strategy in an automated fashion so that I don't have to manually enter trades for the strategy.
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    Do I have to pay $99.95 platform fee every month if I don't meet the minimum trading criteria for my account?
  3. This is like saying I run 5km every week. I've signed up for Boston, but I find the entry fee kind of steep, but I plan on winning, and the winner gets a $50,000 prize.

    Automating a moving average is about that stupid. In the very least, to be polite, FLAWED.
  4. Yes
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    Then the tradestation is no go for me.

    Will ameritrade strategydesk work for me?
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    Who is talking about a marathon here? All I want right now is to learn about automated trading and not lose my money while learning it.

    The moving average strategy I mentioned above is less risk. I can safely say that I will not lose a lot of money by using this strategy.

    And once I learn about automated trading I will implement more fancy (or not flawed) strategies.
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    I would go with NinjaTrader and their free simulation platform. You can try out your strategies on sim, and not lose any money while you find out that your moving average strategy won't work, at least not consistently. NT has a market replay function that "records" all the price action of your live session, including level II info, and you can replay that over and over again, speed up the boring parts and focus on the interesting price action. In my opinion, that is a much better strategy testing tool than the usual strategy analyzers.
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    Moving average crossover is a simple strategy that any platform that has ambition of autotrading implements. There are dozens. Check the software section of Elite Trader.

    To get a meaningful reply you should specify what broker (or brokers) you want to connect to, what your maximum one-off or monthly cost is, what you want to do with the platform after moving averages are working... Also remember the platform may be free but there is no such thing as free real-time data.
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