Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by elit, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. elit


    I have tested my system in metastock. I would now like to trade my system.

    It is an EOD system, I would like to make it completely automatic. Is this possible in any software, or do I really need to program it myself from scratch in some programming language?

    I would like the system to run by itself. I don't want to enter any order manually.

    Can this be done in wealth lab developer 4?

    I own tradestation 2000i, metastock 9, wealth lab 4. Broker IB.
  2. fibo618


    I am sure TradeBolt interfaces with all of those front-ends and connects to IB. Maybe you should look into them? When I call them, someone always answers the phone......Matt seems particulary helpful.
  3. elit


    Does the fee for tradebolt include the IB brokerage fee, or is it tradebolt's fees plus IB fees?

  4. elit


    Thanks for your PM re tradebolt, tradebolt. :)