Automating Forex with Alchemy

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by DayTrade001, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Did any one try using Alchemy Breakout indicator strategy for day trading forex? I'm planning to automate it with Trade station. I need to move to Trade station from FXCM to automate it. Did anyone try this earlier? Good/bad experiences any?
  2. 100 Views but no replies till now. Did any one have experience with this? Please let me know. I'm considering buying this.
  3. You got 100 views because the title of the thread implies that you can mix iron with zinc to produce gold, and sell that gold in some obscure currency denomination.

    You have no responses because nobody here has a clue what you are actually talking about.
  4. I'm sorry about that. Let me make it clear now.

    I came across Alchemy Indicators for day trading. They have trend indicators, break out indicators. I want to use them for Forex.

    Did any one try this earlier? Any Experiences