Automating a very simple trade daily

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  1. If someone can help me with this, i am happy to work togehter or pay you for your time.

    It's quite simple.

    I want to buy stocks at closing price. Sell at opening price following morning. Do the same every day the same stocks. I want to automate this for i work and do not have time to do this. Any recommendations? any brokers that can do this? Or any programmers out there that can create an API?

    Please PM me, thanks!
  2. Bob111


    i want that too :)
    which exchange you are talking about?
    get open\close price on nasdaq imo impossible.MB trading,IB -they have API and pretty active yahoo boards
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    With Interactive Brokers this is straightforward to do. You can place
    Market on Close and Market on Open orders and set the Good After Time
    value to about half an hour before you want the execution.

    For example, if you want to buy IBM on the close on Monday Oct. 8 and sell
    it at the open on Tuesday Oct. 9 you can place these orders

    buy Market on Close, Good After Time = Oct. 8, 3:30 pm EST
    sell Market on Open, Good After Time = Oct. 9, 9:00 am EST

    You can place all the orders on Sunday evening for the entire week or the
    entire month. This could be automated using the IB Excel spreadsheet
    so that you could enter a large number of orders quickly. See

    and download the files at the bottom of the page.
  4. Hey thanks for the help. i will look into IB. when there is excel and api involved, i get nervous. will it be impossible for people like (never programmed) to learn how to set this up?
  5. Excel API, easy as hell.

    If you dont' know java or C++, I'd say bag it, no way you'd be able to do it
  6. What Stock ??