Automating a no indicator strategy

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by logic_man, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I've developed something that I like, but it requires watching the markets non-stop and I want to automate it. This is my first time looking into this area and on my first glance most platforms are geared toward automating signals based on indicators, but my entries are just based on price-time logic.

    I have some experience with software development, so I would think that the scripting languages of these platforms would support a custom strategy like this, but want to make sure that I look only at trading platforms that do and find the one which will take the least amount of development time.
  2. There is no universal clock in trading. Time is relative. Especially when your data comes from the internet. Signals are not reproducible in intraday timeframes, only in daily. An event that takes 1 sec for you can take 1.1 sec for someone else. How objective can a strategy be?
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    Hi logic_man, Let me clear your confusion regarding a few things:

    1) Using indicators is a feature, not the only way to code a trading system. In fact, every backtesting platform I am aware of allows coding simple "price-time" systems without use of indicators. For, example, you can implement a system that opens a long position whever price falls below last day's low as long as this happens during the first hour of trading.

    2) Moving averages and oscillators are not the only indicators. Anything that can be expressed as one or few numeric values can be implemented as an indicator. For example, if you clearly define "the last price support level" you can code it as an indicator. The smae goes for trendlines etc

    3) If you aim to automatically execute via a platform, the most important thing is whether it works smoothly and reliably with the brokerage. There are a number of platforms where you can code a trading system for backtesting easily but auto-execuion makes a system much more complex. Also if a platform supports your broker is a factor. Some platforms allow users ot code broker interface (which is no easy job) while other work with only a fixed list of brokers.
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    That's a really good answer to the OP's question. Not.

    To the OP: To echo what has been said by somebody else, many retail platforms can do what you want. You don't have to use indicators. Perhaps take a look at NinjaTrader or TradeLink for starters.