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  1. Has anyone had experience with software that can automatically monitor ADSL connection speed and quality?

    I check the connection before the start of the trading day and reset if necessary to get a satisfactory connection.

    Today however was a weird and wonderful day - after 10:50 EST my connection seemed to slow until I was literally looking at data that was more than 45 minutes old. No warnings about disconnects from NT. The only time I had this before was when I suffered multiple disconnects, and NT gave prompt warnings everytime.

    Not the data feed for sure, as I did notice that other websites also seemed to load slowly.

    Fortunately (?) I just mistook it for a really slow, low volume day and did not put on any positions. It was slow alright, literally.

    I have found this software that supposedly can monitor and alert at whatever desired intervals.
    The long story is on the home page.

    1) Has anyone used this?
    2) If not, any other software that does the same thing?
    3) Will using this impact on performance in any way?

    Appreciate any advice anyone can give.
  2. You can monitor this in tradelink.

    Tradelink is free and open source and works with 15+ brokers.

    public class MyResponse : ResponseTemplate
         TickWatcher tw = new TickWatcher();
         void GotTick(Tick k)
                 // check for connection drops and low volume symbols
                 // check for connection lag
                 if (Math.Abs(Util.FTDIFF(Util.ToTLTime(),k.time))>60))
                    sendticket("Lag detected in "+ k.symbol+" at "+Util.ToTLTime());
         void Reset()
                tw.GotAlert+=new SymDelegate(D);
                sendbasket(new string[] {"SPY"});
    google tradelink project or for more info
  3. Thanks, but firstly my broker is not listed and secondly this appears to put a new interface for orders in place, ie DOM not supported?

    I'd rather something that works in the background and does not impact the look and feel of Ninja Trader.
  4. the code above would work in the background with your existing software.

    yes you would need a supported feed or to add a connector for your feed if it was not supported.
  5. I'm using a Rithmic feed, would this work even though the broker is not listed?
  6. rithmic is listed, it's in beta.

    if you have problems, report to the users list.

    google tradelink users or
  7. Thanks, I'll look into it. Not familiar with code etc, but let's see how far I can get with this.
  8. no.

    tradelink is not a firm, it's an open source project/product.

    we're not affiliated with any other group named tradelink.
  9. Thanks. Tough namespace collision -- they're a well-known group.
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