Automatic Trading which broker/platform?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by sfl, Apr 7, 2020.

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    Some weeks ago I run into a platoform called ProRealtTime who can perform automatic trading server side with 1 broker. Server side means that my strategy has been sent to the platform server and being traded from there.
    I have no issue with that and I think that this is much more secure than own a VPS, better latency, better execution probably by using FIX protocol instead of some retailer APIs, no worried about server mantenance.

    Well, do you knwo any other platform that can provide this service?
    I did not tried TradeStation yet, any help? suggestion ?

    The platform I mentioned above is not ready to autotrade with IB and this is the reason I am lookign for something else. Pls any suggestion is appreciated.

    thank you.
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    trading technologies
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    QuantConnect , quite popular
  4. I'm curious why you think it's better than a VPS, especially if the VPS is located near exchanges? I feel like I have a lot more control over my strategy when it's running off my own VPS.
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    You will probably run a single VPS machine which is not redundant or failure proof.
    You will probably run a windows machine which is less stable than Linux.
    Getting a server near the exchanges is going to be expensive then your orders are traveling on the internet.
    You probably will use retailers API and not the FIX protocol which is expensive.

    or you are going to spend much more money to create a more secure environment, I did not mentioned networks security issues. You can do all this work if u are an engineer (which I am ) but I would prefer something more soft and be focused on my strategies rather then get busy with all this mess.

    but I am open to this idea since I cannot find a solution that fits my need. Which platform would you use on your VPS? Metatrader? Amibroker? Custom made software?

    thank you for your message
  6. I'm using chartVPS (NYC-based server), Windows Server. Has been very stable for me as retail trader. But certainly, if you need FIX and/or redundancy, you're looking at a different type of solution.

    I'm using multicharts and IB, plus some custom scripts. I tend to use Linux everywhere else in my life, but found that for trading software, Windows is more stable. Unless you run your own scripts of course.
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    hi, with multichart can u enable automatic trading? How often do u check it? If it lost connection it reconnects automatically?

    Thank you
  8. Yep, you can do autotrading. They have a free trial if you want to check it out.

    Connection reconnect depends on the API your broker has. In my case (IB), yes, it reconnects automatically.
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    StockSharp, QuantConnect - for C#.

    The first one has FIX connection. The last one fully open source.