automatic quoting of Nasdaq stocks (ETFs)

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by mats, May 18, 2006.

  1. mats


    I look for software which is able to send bid and offer prices for ETFs to the Nasdaq market. bid / offer prices must be linked to for example dow or S&P future.
  2. I am surprised that no one answered your post. My knowledge is probably a year out of date in terms of ETF quoting. But in terms of Vendor software (as versus proprietary software), you can try:

    Orc Software,

    Maybe RTS and Actant too:
  3. mats


    Hi rufus,

    Thank you for the suggestions, but unfortunately I already contacted the companies which you mentioned. You are right some of them can offer a solution but ask a considerable amount of money for such solution
    I was ready to pay a maximum amount of about USD 1500,-/ month These guys ask much more. (by the way actant does only offer autoquoting for options, as far I know).

    But as always I very much appreciate your responds, thanks

  4. Bowgett


    Have you tried interactive brokers?
  5. There are more than a few AMEX ETF traders which their own technology, Samurai trading come to mind. But I am not sure if their technology can be licensed, etc. Here are a few more market making software vendors. As of end of '04, MicroHedge and ECI does not provide ETF quoting, but you never know what they have developed in 12 months:

    Now, I am not a fan of Phil Barnett (ECI ), and the feeling is mutual. But at least you know what is out there.

    Botta Capital tried to sell their trading system as Brisk Systems, but I think they pulled that from the market. Wolverine also tried to market their execution front-end (called Wolverine Execution Services), a front-end that has auto-quoting capabilities.
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    bowgett, as far as i know it's not possible through TWS of IB. (maybe through their API although I do not have any knowledge how to program automatic quoting). If there is anyone how could do this I am interested of course.

    Rufus, thanks I will contact wolverine and the other companies .

    (any more suggestions are very welcome)

  7. mats


    I still did not find the right software to auto-quote stocks/etf's. Any suggestions. Thanks.