Automatic limit price in Order Entry window?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by yosuji198, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Hi Community,

    I'm wondering whether it's possible for TWS to automatically fill in the Limit Price (instead of user having to type it in or select it). Some brokers like Questrade have this - where it defaults to the bid, the ask or the midpoint, which moves with the market, so you can just one click buy/sell without having to manually set limit price every time.
    I'm a high frequency traded and setting the limit price all the time costs me precious time. I could use hotkeys but for now i'm just curious whether TWS has this functionality.
    Also I can't use a market order because I have automatic trailing stops so I must use a limit order
  2. CyJackX


    Yeah, it's configurable somewhere in there, not sure. I mostly use chart trader, though.
    I suggest the hotkeys if you really have to move that fast.
    For example, I have hotkeys set to B and S... B submits a buy limit order at the ask, S submits a sell limit order at the bid, etc. They have midpoint options as well as all sorts of other algorithmic choices. Dig around.
  3. Unfortunatley the hotkeys don't work. They don't automatically transmit the correct trailing stop.
  4. You need to do through the tutorials for TWS. These questions are all answered there. Yes of course you can. They do work. The software is not simple to use and it takes time to learn it.

    Look at preset setting and learn how they work....
  5. CyJackX


    They can. It's complicated, but it's in there.
    I'm not sure exactly what you need, but I know I can bundle a trailing stop that is X ticks away from the sale price, etc.
  6. I moved to Ninjatrader. It's got exactly what I need out the box :strong: