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    Hello Guys,

    I want to explore automatic trading with third-party and I would like to know your feedback before I decide to pay such large startup cost.

    I have realized that Intraday Future Vendors are quite expensive but as you know more expensive can be to select a firm that is selling smoke.

    First, I am looking for a VPS

    Second, third party strategy that I am researching (order by cost)

    Any feedback here will be greatly valuable. I could also share my future steps that can beneficial to all.

    If you have other places that provide automatic intraday futures trading I can take a look.

  2. fan27


    I would not buy a pre-packaged strategy, especially one that will be executed by the vendor. Each new subscriber of the strategy will diminish its edge...assuming it has an edge to begin with.
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    Thanks @fan27, I understand the execution part - Those strategies can run on my Trading Terminal with my own data. And I believe that if the vendor is fair will not have another strategy to provide liquitidy on their own order flow - which also can be risky and add market exposure. Because you never know the next tick.

    I have limited experience with automatic third party. For the last 15 years i have use my own and or grey boxes that give you the signal and later the trader decide if to follow or not.

    Would you create your own and trade that? I tried that for the last 2 years but my results are not great.

    Thanks for your response

  4. just an unbelievable post - wtf has happened to trading it's like history was thrown out the window and the egg just hatched. wow just wow. this must be where the blue votes come from the abyss of the ignorance and denial.
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  5. fan27


    Are you able to write code?
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  6. RandBots


    Hello @MarkBrown, do not follow the point you want to share here.

    I can see how ignorance and denial can be present. Regarding "thrown out history" what do you mean?

    Here is a trader that wants to gather information regarding third party strategies and experiences of others with that type of business, maybe after others feedback "ignorance and denial" could be diminish to some small degree. This could help the community as one unit.

    What do you consider so unbelievable about the post?
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    Yes to some degree yes. On the other hand, there are more talented coders "sitting" next to me.
    Why are you asking?

  8. when you are out of money maybe you will understand. it's like watching a heard of pigs fly off a cliff this forum. but we never run out of them cause there's a new one born everyday.
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  9. fan27


    If you are able to write code, you are better off spending the time to come up with your own systems/algos to trade.
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    I share your view to same degree.
    Can you propose a better scenario for this specific case?
    I give you the details:

    AUM: 20k
    StartUp Investment: 5k
    Recurring Cost: 500USD (trading plataform, data, trading commission, VPS, Internet, etc)

    He is willing to risk 7K of trading capital. Thus he will stop operations when and if the account balance reach 13k.

    The trader have 1 year of trading experience with a degree in engineering and math.

    @MarkBrown your feedback is valuable. I will listen more to those that disagree than to those that agree.

    Thanks again

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